How to study in Ukraine as a Nigerian

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Are you a lover of good and quality education and in need of how to study in Ukrainian universities?
This article is aimed at providing you with answers to every question you might have regarding how to study in Ukraine.

How to study in Ukraine as a Nigerian
Study in Ukraine for Nigerians


Ukraine is a country that is located in eastern Europe.
It has an area of about 603,628 km2 (233,062 sq mi), with a population of about 41.3 million, and is the eighth-most populous country in Europe. The capital and largest city of the country is Kyiv.
They have one of the best higher institutions in the world that are most sought after by students globally.

Why You Should Study In Ukraine

Studying in Ukraine as a Nigerian comes with a lot of benefits. Below are a few things that you will benefit from when you study in Ukraine –

Quality Education.

Globally Recognized Courses and certificate.

Low cost.

European standard of life.

Worldwide Acceptance of the Ukrainian means of learning.

Official usage of the English language for learning and a free English class for students that can not speak fluently in the English language.

Better Job opportunities.

Emphasis on practical aspects in teaching.

Moderate Climate around the year.

Outstanding International Faculty.

One of the Best Transportation systems in Europe.
And lot more.

How to study in Ukraine

As with other developed countries in the world, there are basically two ways of studying in Ukraine. Which are –

On-campus learning

Distance learning.

However, some courses are usually not made available for distance learners. So, you might need to be present in class physically. In spite of the mode of learning that you decide to choose, it must be allowed by the Ukrainian university of your choice.

How can I get admission in Ukraine?

Although most Nigerians usually complain about how hard it is to get admission into a Ukrainian university, even though some may have different reasons, the problem with most of them is that they usually fall into the wrong hands or the wrong study abroad agent that makes things tough for them.
Bamvil Global Education is the best study in Ukraine agency in Nigeria.

You can watch this video testimonial from one of our corporate partners in Ukraine.


We have an highly respected and notable presence in numerous countries of the world including Cyprus, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Germany, Malaysia and even France and a lot of other countries. We are open to helping Nigerians who dream of studying in Ukraine so that their dream comes through. You can contact us by clicking on the link below to chat with us on Whatsapp

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To study in a Ukrainian university as a Nigerian, you are required to have the following –




Secondary school certificate O and A level or equivalent (WASSCE, WAEC or NECO)

A scanned copy of your International Passport (Data Page)
A visa (a study visa will be given to you upon your arrival in Ukraine)
A good English language knowledge


A good English language knowledge and all of the following.

A Secondary school certificate O and A level or equivalent (WASSCE, WAEC, NECO)

Bachelor’s Degree Certificate
Bachelor’s Transcript (A detailed list of the courses taken)
A scanned Passport Copy
A good English language knowledge

1) A Secondary school certificate O and A level or equivalent
2) Bachelor’s degree certificate
3) Bachelor’s Transcript (A detailed list of courses taken)
4) Master’s Degree certificate and transcript (A detailed list of courses taken
5) Most recent CV or Resume
6) A Scanned Passport Copy
7) Thesis Proposal (1 to 2 Pages)
8) A good English language knowledge

9) A good English language knowledge.

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How Much Is Tuition In Ukraine

Ukrainian universities have one of the cheapest tuition fees in the world. A Ukrainian university tuition fee is usually around $1200 to $5000 whereas that of countries like the United Kingdom is usually around 10,000 British Pounds. However, the tuition fee varies depending on the course you will be learning and the programing you are enrolling for. The tuition fee in Ukraine is the same for every student. It does not matter if you are from Nigeria or any European country or even a citizen of Ukraine. The tuition fee of most Ukrainian universities is way cheaper than those in the United States of America, the United Kingdom and several other places in the world.

Study in Ukraine agents in Nigeria

There are several study in Ukraine agents in Nigeria. But the most reliable agency’s aim is to help you study in Ukraine at a very affordable cost.

Our core activity lies in assisting students to make the right choice with regards to pursuing education in Ukrainian universities as well as helping you reduce costs as much as possible.

Frequently asked Questions

How is life in Ukraine for Nigerian student

Life in Ukraine for Nigerian students is no different from the rest of the people. You get the same treatment and are covered by the same rules and regulations.
While most Nigerian students who study in Ukraine will have to adapt or get used to the environment with time, some simply fit in with the new environment. And at Bamviledu, we will give you more knowledge on how things are like in your preferred Ukrainian university. We will discuss issues ranging from climate to food and even other things in the environment.

Can I work while studying in Ukraine

Yes, you can work while studying in Ukraine. However, you just have to find out if you can cope with the stress of working and learning at the same time.

How much does it cost to study in Ukraine

It does not cost much to study in Ukraine. Living in Ukraine as a student might be as high as $1000 a month excluding rent and including your Ukrainian tuition fee. You can even spend as low as $500 a month without rent.
In summary, the cost of studying in Ukraine is way cheaper than the cost of studying in most European countries as an international student.

Is there any Ukraine scholarship for Nigerian students

At the moment, there is no Ukrainian scholarship available. However, we promise to update you whenever there is a study abroad scholarship opportunity in Ukraine.

Can I study medicine in Ukraine

Yes, you can study medicine in Ukraine. Apart from India, most Nigerians see Ukraine as a country where they can study medicine.

Can I study computer science or Engineering in Ukraine?

Yes, a lot of Ukrainian universities are open to students who want to computer science to technical fields like engineering and the sciences. You see, Ukraine is a technology-driven country. Most industry leaders have a lot of regard for international students who graduated from Ukrainian universities.

How much is Ukraine student visa in Nigeria

The cost of a Ukraine student visa is around $180. That is N73,000 in the official market. Might be around N100,000 in the currency black market.

Is there any study in Ukraine agent in Nigeria

Yes, Bamvil Global Education.
You can contact them by clicking on this link to locate an office that is closer to you.

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Studying in Ukraine has proven to be way cheaper and is a better alternative to studying in most European countries.
Studying in Ukraine as a Nigerian should not be considered as a tough task. With the right education agency, you can study in any country of your choice.

Do you need free advice and guidance to study in a university in Ukraine or any other preferred country of your choice? click on this link to speak with one of our study abroad consultants free of charge.

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